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My Blog Saved My Work

Our supervisor has arrived from (I don’t know, maybe some summer vacation of whatsoever) and found that we are not having tasks to do. After lunch, he instructed me to copy all files and modules from a running website into another server.

I must copy not only the web root but also the modules that are not exposed on the internet. Knowing that I have done that before (but I just can’t remember how) I searched on my blog about recursive download.

It shows me my old post about transferring files from one server to another using wget in SSH environment (Linux of course).

This is the actual link: FTP with Recursive Download

After reviewing it, I launched Poderosa and login to the new server using SSH. Then to get my hands dirty, I entered the wget command to get the files from the old server. It takes like 20 minutes to complete and then I’m done.

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