Starting To Learn (TDD) Test Driven Development

I am really new to this TDD – Test Driven Development. One of the forum admin in PHPUGPH is advocating in TDD. I got a PowePoint Presentation file from his blog:

Red Green Refactor – Test Driven Development with .NET

Test Driven Development is not about software testing. It is about software development and testing is just the side effect of it. According to those TDD masters:

If a code is worth writing, it is worth testing. If it is not worth writing, why would you even bother?

It also says that in TDD, before a code is ever written into your application, it is tested first. Before a class is written, before its methos are written, it is tested already. It may be stupid to write a test case when a class still does not exists, but that is how TDD goes.

You test for a class. If it does not exists, then create it. Then test again. It you test for a methd, it fails. Then you create it. You usually first see a red bar (FAILURE) then correct it to make it green.

For PHP, I am going to use SimpleTest rather than PHPUnit. I’ll have to blog about it later.

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