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I’m a stumble upon user and I used it mainly for bookmarking important sites such as related to web development or anything interesting. I have installed a bookmarklet into my Google Chrome bookmark toolbar and it works this way:

If you visited a page and wants to save it to stumble upon, you click the bookmarklet. The bookmarklet then will redirect to stumble upon website, where a frame under it displays the original site you are visiting plus a bar on top with controls such as thumbs up, thumbs down, the total number of bookmarked pages, etc.

When you click the thumbs up button, usually labeled as I Like This button, the page is bookmarked. If you were the first one to bookmark it, you will be asked to enter a review, tags, category, etc. It was a nice feature indeed.

This is supposed to be the old bookmarklet code:

javascript:window.location.href = ‘’;

You can try it yourself if it still works. (Note: This does not work anymore)

Drag me to your bookmark toolbar

If it works, then you’re lucky. I used that for several months, when discovering great sites and great articles, but suddenly it does not work anymore, maybe they changed their policies. So, the usual / traditional method will be the one I’ll be using.

This is the code that works, even with the new version of stumble upon:

javascript:var url = window.location.href; window.location.href='' + url;

If you’re lazy to put the code yourself, drag the link below to your bookmark toolbar.

Drag me, it works!

Now, after making this posts, I’ll have to re-visit the great sites I’ve missed bookmarking into stumble upon.

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