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Few months ago, I’ve been playing around with Kohana v3 for an experimental project. I’m not that quite impressed until I tried one of its ORM called Sprig written by shadowhand. Now that I’m going to use it on a company project, I will definitely have a lot to write for these coming days.

Kohana v3

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I become more interested with Kohana v3 when I tried a modeling library (kohana module) that integrates ORM, HTML and Validation among others. (Please note that Kohana v3 also has and ORM called ORM module). With a single try and catch block at your controller, you can easily handle validation errors and unexpected errors without having several if and else block.

This would result on a fat model and skinny controller style on MVC. Although I haven’t tried yet a complicated form/model, I tried some multiple relationships with few fields and it went great. As of now, I will not post any code yet as I’m quite busy fixing my Slackware Linux stuff.

Please note that there are 2 frameworks in kohana, the v3 and the original version which is already at version 2.x.x. Kohana v3 is the current actively developed framework and the 2.x is just for maintenance. For Kohana v3 resources, here are some links:

  1. The Kohana Website
  2. Kohana Forum
  3. Docs Online
  4. Unofficial Wiki
  5. Sprig Docs

Try it now!

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