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We moved!

Last Tuesday, July 20, 2010, I bought a domain (finally) and moved my blog to its subdomain. Aside from having a cool email address from buying a domain, what I really need is to have a better service compared to a free domain and a free host that usually sucks!

For almost two years of using the domain – a free domain from, it works just fine. However, it is a free domain and it will remain free as long as wants it to be free. They could also cut the service anytime if they want. Having a domain that is nurtured for years and one day will be suspended without prior notice is not good isn’t it?

And for almost two years, the domain is hosted on on their free web hosting  service. Again, my site can go down anytime and me helpless about it. There are times when my site is down for more than two weeks! It happens from time to time maybe twice a year.

Perhaps to worst downtime was when my site was suspended by because of the alleged involvement to a phishing activity which of course I didn’t do. That was the first time suspended my account. I have appealed to them and later, give the domain back with my promise to wipe out and clean my site because it may be hijacked or something.

What I did instead was to move my blog from to and redirect traffic. That way, there is now way my account on byethost be hijacked nor will it exceed the limits (database, bandwidth, storage, etc).

I’m planning to get a paid host in the near future so that I can host more webs. Currently my ff2fb app will not going to work on the new domain because it is also a free host and only allows 1 database.

By the way, welcome to my new place!



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