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Customized Twenty Ten Theme Using BlueTrip

Since WordPress 3.0, the Twenty Ten WordPress theme becomes the default theme. When I moved to a new domain and started from scratched, I used this theme as my default theme as to kick-start the blog the developed a custom theme.

BlueTrip CSS Framework

Few weeks before I changed my theme, I’ve stumbled upon this BlueTrip CSS Framework. The framework looks promising and I got influenced by many Kohana developers who also used this CSS framework. I used it then to create a customized WordPress theme using the Twenty Ten theme as the foundation.

I have chosen the Twenty Ten theme as the basis mainly because it is HTML5! Other big factors are that it is the theme where most of WordPress functionalities are supported by default, therefore there are less trouble when things don’t work.

Wrapping it up

In just few minutes, I made BlueTrip injected into the theme by modifying the header.php file. There are at most 3 files to include therefore I drop the support for editing CSS via WordPress admin page. With several tweaks and removing some of the CSS framework’s default behavior, I finally come up with this:

Twenty ten DC

I already updated the theme due to the release of WordPress 3.0.1 and will updated again as long as there are updated on either WordPress or the Twenty Ten theme. You can find the code on my github account and available for download. Just look for the big download button.

Twenty Ten DC at github: https://github.com/lysender/twentyten-dc

That’s it for now.

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