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Complaining about mounted file system for Sublime Text being slow?

Common setup when working with remote file systems where your codes are located on remote servers is to mount it using sshfs. Having used to work with sshfs + Sublime Text, it was not a pleasant experience. Yesterday, I discovered something that I should have done the first day I mounted our source code.

Convenience vs performance

What I did before was to mount the whole directory where it contains lots of projects and misc files usually for investigations. It makes the whole experience more convenient since you can have access to several important files in just one mounted filesystem.

The drawback is that it is very slow. Very slow that I finally give up Sublime Text and switch to my Windows using winscp + Sublime Text (my Linux is in a VBox).

Mount only what is needed

Yesterday, I changed the mount script so that it will only mount the specific project directory. The results were awesome as I can now use the CTRL + P command again in Sublime Text. That’s it.

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