SmartBro/MyBro – Cannot connect to internet via router

The scenario is either it was working perfectly before using the router or the SmartBro contractors successfully connected to the internet as direct connection but when you connect to the router, it doesn’t connect. The solution is quite simple.

MAC address

When the contractors installed SmartBro/MyBro, they registered the PC’s MAC address to your account. If you use a router, SmartBro will not recognize the router’s MAC address, therefore it won’t connect.

MAC address cloning

To setup the router, you must be the MAC address of the PC or laptop where SmartBro originally was setup. Use the router’s MAC clone feature and set the router’s MAC address the same as that PC where connection was originally installed.

If in any case the MAC address differs, you won’t be able to connect to the internet via router. Below are example scenarios where this issue may happen:

  • Internet was installed into the PC, then you bought a router and tried to connect through it.
  • Internet was installed to PC and router was configured as well, but you changed router and forget to clone the MAC address again.
  • Internet was installed to PC, you setup a router with it, throw the PC away and used a laptop, your SmartBro unit was replaced my contractors for some reason, installed to the laptop. Confident that you can make router works by your own, you let the contractors go away and that you will configure it yourself. Then fail miserably.

My experience is the third above (but I don’t throw away that old laptop where internet was installed almost a year ago).

Remember the keyword, “clone”, “mac”, “address”.

Now, back to work. Need to pay the internet bill.

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