PHP – APC really improves response time

Checking Google Webmaster Tool Yesterday, I noticed a noticeable increase of my blogs response time – meaning slower loading of my pages. I have originally no plan of using my VPS as a production box so I don’t bother installing APC. Yesterday, I installed one and greatly improved server response time.


Being a Slackware box (nginx and php-fpm), I installed apc via site using a tool called sbopkg. It installed quick but as soon as I restarted php-fpm, I don’t find APC from the installed extensions.

Digging deeper into the configuration, I’ve found out that you need to add a new config to your php.ini. Find the group of lines having this text: extension=, then add this line (I prefer adding to top since they seem to be arranged alphabetically).

; My added line
; The rest of the extensions

After setting up the config, restart php-fpm and check if APC is really installed.

/etc/rc.d/rc.php-fpm restart
php -i | grep APC


Overnight, I was able to gather a nice graph from New Relic about how the performance improved.

APC improved response time

Don’t forget to install APC on your websites as well. Enjoy and share.

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