I’m a Clash Of Clans Newbie

It is just about two days since I started this Clash of Clans game for iOS/Android. I don’t know what the type of game is called but you can build stuff like buildings, cannons, mortars and stuff. I remember those days when I played Red Alert II, although Clash of Clans is an online game. Is it a MMORPG?

UPDATED: Added image of my village at level 30.

After two days, the so-called three-day shield (so that I won’t get attacked) will expire and I will soon witness my base attacked by enemies. Based on that fact, I know I’ll become a defensive player and will build as much defense buildings as possible.

See my base layout (level 11 currently).

Clash of Clans at Level 11
Clash of Clans at Level 11

UPDATE: Below is my village at level 30.

Village at level 30

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