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Ipad cannot close apps and does not turn off

When I arrived home from work, I noticed that the iPad is stuck at the app task manager screen frozen although it is still playing sounds from a farming app/game. Took mo so long to fix it and here is how.


The iPad does not respond to any touch/swipe gestures nor the double pressing home button work. Pressing home button will simply turn on the screen light and pressing the power will turn the screen off. Pressing the power button long does not turns it off though.

What is displayed on the screen is the mini-preview of an app coming from the app task manager and is still playing music from the app. I noticed that Siri still works but I cannot command it to close all apps or shutdown the device.


Worried about the incident, I immediately search the internet via another device (laptop) and found out that the solution is fairly easy although not obvious for new comers.

If you press the home button and the power button at the same time, it will capture your screen and save it as image – same as the screenshot button in your PC keyboard.

If you press the home button and the power button at the same time and hold it for approximately 10 seconds, it will restart. Wondering how many tricks are still unknown for ordinary customers like me.

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