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Vagrant and CentOS 6.5 Guest – Port Forwarding Does Not Work for HTTPD

Been trying to setup port forwarding for this guest’s port 80 into host’s port 8080 in this vagrant setup but I can’t make it work for the past 5 hours. Playing around with Windows firewall does not give any hope. It turns out that the culprit is the guest OS, not the host.

Windows 7 host, CentOS 6.5 guest

My setup involves a Windows 7 host and a CentOS 6.5 guest. I always looked at the Windows 7 host as the source of the problem, ex: I suspected the Windows firewall and even created some custom firewall rules for port 8080. It turns out that the guest has its firewall enabled.

As a temporary solution, I disabled the guest’s firewall.

sudo service iptables stop
sudo chkconfig iptables off

Now, I can browse through my websites in guest through port 8080 in host OS.

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