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Beware of using VPN when transacting with Paypal

I just got my account put under review due to alleged suspicious activities on my Paypal account. I’m always using PrivateInternetAccess VPN with a US IP for the purpose of security and most importantly, to have a stable connection! It makes me think of avoiding any VPN or proxy tunnel for everything that involves your most important accounts.

It is depressing to think that you use VPN or proxy tunnel to secure your account, but in effect, your account is in danger of being blocked/terminated. It could be just a problem with PrivateInternetAccess being easily identified as VPN (YouTube knows that you use this VPN by the way, and many others). It happens to me with Linode as well where they block my account when I tunnel my connection using their very own VPS box.

I’m sure the trend will be more common in the future. Not only that you have to secure yourself from malicious attackers, you also have to secure yourself from the company’s false positive reports.

Now, I have decided to cancel my PrivateInternetAccess subscription! However, my Paypal account is still locked and I can’t deactivate the auto-payment to PIA. I have also less confident wity Paypal due to this incident. If ever I’ll get my account activated back, I’ll withdraw all money in it as soon as payments arrive! No more Paypal balances ever!

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