Using Magnet links in KTorrent

I’ve been curious about this Magnet link stuff and I decided to give it a try after some feedback that the usual torrent file does not work. I though that this magnet links are some sort of scam that extort you some money in order to download. I guess I’m wrong.

Magnet Link

Magnet link (they say) is another way of downloading torrent files and I never went into the details and I guess it is a good thing. Many torrent sites even featured magnet links over the regular torrent files.


I’m using KTorrent 4.3.1 as part of the KDE packages (yes KDE but I’m on XFCE!). Since it supports magnet links, I then tried to use it.

  • From the torrent site, copy the magnet link.
  • In KTorrent, click File -> Open URL.
  • aste the magnet url and click OK.
  • If this is the first time you use magnet link, go to Settings -> Configure KTorrent.
  • Click on the BitTorrent tab.
  • Find the checkbox that lets you enable “DHT” which is important for magnet links.

That’s it. You are now downloading torrent via magnet links.

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3 Responses to Using Magnet links in KTorrent

  1. Mike says:

    Yes that works, but is there a way from KTorrent to recognize the URL link without the manual copy and paste of the link into KTorrent?

  2. michael scofield says:

    sir i am using ktorrent 4.3.1 in KDE but i have done all the things like DHT and open link …but when i click magnet link it comes for a second and disappear suddenly .. please suggestsomething. i have many times uninstall and install it but it doesnot work

  3. lysender says:

    Do not click the magnet link. Right-click it, then copy the URL. Paste it into KDE via File -> Open URL -> paste in the magnet URL.

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