Introducing Price Stalker – PSE stock price alerting

So I have this pet project that allows you to track stock price movements from PSE. Price Stalker’s primary focus is to deliver notifications/alerts about stock price movement of your favorite stocks at the Philippine Stocks Exchange through email or SMS. I personally use this as part of my journey as a swing trader.

Price Stalker

Price Stalker is simply a web based tool where you can add stocks into your watch list or set an alert when a specific stock price hits your target price. Currently, alerts are only sent via email. SMS notifications is currently being developed although it is not guaranteed to be available to everyone when launched.

Price Stalker is a free service. You just need to put your email, set your account password, a little bit of a screen name, then you’re all set. Price Stalker is inspired by Investagram’s InvestaWatcher. InvestaWatcher is real time though, Price Stalker is not. Price Stalker pulls data at certain frequency/interval, thus, having the possibility of missing your target price when price moves up and down too quickly.

For most use cases, Price Stalker should be able track your target price correctly.

That’s it for now.

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