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My Nahaz Stats Don’t Lie as a Trader – Sixth Month

So, after a paradigm shift of my trading strategy (from no system to having a very limited set of setups kind of system, from BOSO to BOBO), I’m very eager to track my progress. However, I haven’t really track my progress at all. Good thing I have this simple spreadsheet that lists all my trades (roughly) and I also have a spreadsheet that tracks the funds that goes in and out of my portfolio so I could track how much I am earning or how much I am actually losing.

Basic Stats

Below is my current statistics for trading for almost six months:

Total trades: 46
Average buys: Php 10,811.47
Average Profit: Php -245.97
Average Profit %: -2.31 %
Total Winning Trades: 10
Total Losing Trades: 36

At first, I was thinking of developing a feature as part of my Price Stalker app to track my trades and provide statistics, like the Investagram’s InvestaJournal, however, I realize it is not worth it and it is not worth subscribing to it either right now. Instead, I’ll just use my existing Google Spreadsheet and use some kung-fu to provide statistics.

Additional Stats

Investment Profits %: -22.68 %
Total Profits %: -32.57 %

To preserve my privacy, I didn’t reveal my current portfolio size and actual loses. Also as you noticed, there is a separate stat for investment profits and total profits. Aside from actual investment funds that I tracked, I also invested on other stuff that helps me with my trading workflow like learning modules and recommendation services. I have tracked them as well and I’m also trying to make it positive overall.

Initial Goal

My initial goal as of now is to make my investment profit % into the positive side (ie: profit instead of loss) and the target period is before the end of year. My next immediate goal after breaking the first one is to have a positive profit for overall investments. We’ll see how fast I can go.

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