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It’s been a very long time

What’s up? Its been a very long time since I’ve posted something in my blog. I’m been very busy with my current job at a startup and it has gotten a good kick start. I’m also busy with trading equities in the PSE and also trading currencies in Forex. I learn a lot during those times.

Web Development

I’ve been developing backend services for our startup company writing REST based backend application using NodeJs (NestJS framework). It involves a lot of async stuff but one of the biggest learning so far is the usage of Event Store and also the usage of Pubsub pattern.

With Event Store, we can store events that changes the state of an object (we call it aggregate in DDD). We can track the changes of that object by reading the events specific to that object. We can also rollback in time to see the previous state of that object.

With Pubsub pattern, it is basically just messaging where we publish a message and a subscriber will listen to it and act on it. This is useful for asynchronous jobs and is great when paired with event-based architecture.

Another big learning is the pattern called Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS). In means that you have a separate model to create/update information and another model to read information. This gives us the opportunity to improve performance and to further improve the structure of the application. You know where to look if you want to write information and where to look if you want to read information.

All of these patterns/technologies add a complexity to our project but at the same time a big investment moving forward in the future. If we do this right, then we will be for sure rewarded in the future. So far, we are going in the right direction. We are learning as we go along.

And one more thing, I’m more involved in our Kubernetes stack which is very cool and we use Google Cloud as the platform/provider. I don’t really design the infrastructure but I have the chance to use it to make my life as a developer easier.


I’m still actively trading equities in the Philippine Stocks Exchange and currencies in Forex. Actually, I’m currently staying out of the market due to the current situation and my strategy is not working in this environment.

Between August 2019 until early March 2020, I’m very active in trading. I have developed a new strategy where I combined my knowledge in price action from the person I consider my mentor (Money Growers PH) and the trading framework developed by Spyfrat (a veteran trader in PSE). Spyfrat’s framework is not for newbies though, therefore, I would advise to study the basics first before integrating his framework.

Anyway, I developed my own strategy by combining the strategies and system taught to us by my mentor and all the other lessons I learn from people like Kapitan Kidlat, T3, ZFT, Spyfrat, Javi Medina and Trader Dante. I still continue to tweak my system and I see it improve and I see it getting better over time. I still need to trade a lot to see if I become profitable.

Currently, I’m still down in PSE and performance is flat from its bottom (currently down 39%). In Forex, I’m just down 2.5%. This is because I’m more prepared in Forex and more disciplined compared to when I started with PSE.

Priorities, priorities

It turns out, I still love my web development career and I don’t think I’ll stop. I’ll put more time and effort on my job but will continue to push thru my trading career, lowly, as long as I don’t stop.


We are currently in a soft lockdown in our town. We mostly just stay at home. We are lucky to have enough supply for the month but we will need to buy more by end of month. It is still uncertain as to when this pandemic would end so we need to stay at home. I just hope our startup company will survive in all of this.

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