Google Cloud and Kubernetes – cost ridiculously high – try disabling logging

We have a new and shiny Google Cloud Project powered by Kubernetes and Jenkins-X as we moved away from our old project for some reasons. Everything was looking good until we noticed a very high cost and the projected monthly cost is above 1K AUD.

That’s ridiculously high for a small application. The offending service/product was the logging.

Before we figure out how to tweak logging to reduce the cost, we decided to just disable it for now and cross fingers, we won’t be able to see any errors. Will try to find some solutions in the future so that we can enable it once again.

Disable cloud logging for GKE for the cluster:

gcloud container clusters update coolstuff-cluster1 \
  --logging-service=none \
  --monitoring-service=none \

That’s it! Let me know what you think. We will definitely have to turn it back but make some tweaks to filter which log to export.

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