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smee.io proxy service down – what now?

smee.io proxy service down – what now?

The webhook payload delivery service smee.io is down today and was having some down time in the past few weeks as well due to too much traffic. I know its time to migrate to something else.

We are using the service to receive Github App events via webhooks in our local development machines. For some reason (laziness), we are also using smee.io in our staging servers. I know this is a technical debt and its pay time.

For local development machines, we migrated to ngrok. The webhook url changes every time ngrok is run but we can live with this workflow. I think this is more sustainable because ngrok is not prone to abuse due to the fact that the subdomain name changes every time you run the command so we can potentially stay at the free tier for a long time.

In staging, we have to expose an actual webhook endpoint. It’s pretty straightforward and I we should have done it a long time ago.

That’s it! There will be more posts like this (migrating stuff).

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