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Kubernetes, Jenkins-X and Helm Madness part 2

This post is a continuation of my journey on kubernetes, jenkins-x and helm updates and deprecation issues. I’ll be focusing on the following error: Versions kubernetes – 1.16.15-gke.4300 kubectl client – v1.16.15 kubectl server – v1.16.15-gke.4300 jx – 2.1.150 helm … Continue reading

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Kubernetes, Jenkins-X and Helm Madness part 1

Our kubernetes cluster is more than a year old and I’m the only one left to maintain it. Several things happened almost all at once and things started to break one by one. Versions kubernetes – 1.16.15-gke.4300 kubectl client – … Continue reading

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Running Jest Debug on Windows – SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

I’m using NestJS and the regular tests works smooth even in my Windows machine. However, when I tried running the debugging mode tests, especially since I’m trying to debug a memory leak, I get this error: basedir=$(dirname “$(echo “$0” | … Continue reading

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The Dreaded node-gyp installation problem on Windows 10

Time and time again, I encounter this dreaded node-gyp installation problem for Windows. I used to get away with in but when the package depends on it, I have no choice but to fix it. I just followed this instructions: … Continue reading

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Creating Google Storage Buckets with Config Connector

We are trying to build an API to store files for user profile images. To do that in our current infrastructure, we need to use Google Cloud Storage. Since we are already using Kubernetes, we can automate the process by … Continue reading

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Kubernetes – Add vault secrets into environment variables

We already have a full kubernetes and Jenkins-X stack for our application’s CI/CD. For a fully setup application, I’m already able to tweak the secrets settings and how the secrets are populated from vault to environment variable. However, for an … Continue reading

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React TypeScript – Props not recognized when component is wrapped in some high order components

It is so annoying when you developed your component nicely but when you need to wrap it with some high order components from some cool plugins, props suddenly doesn’t get recognized by the TypeScript compiler. Without knowing the proper way … Continue reading

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Viewing Container Logs in Kubernetes

I’m currently working as a developer but also manages the infrastructure of our project which is hosted in Google Cloud Platform. GCP has web console for viewing logs for each of our services and using the web is a bit … Continue reading

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Jenkins-X – Customize release version

We have an existing infrastructure in GCP using Kubernetes and Jenkis-X. When one of the owner decided to leave the business due to personal reasons, we ended up moving all the repositories to the other owner. This caused the releases … Continue reading

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Mongo Read hangs up indefinitely when readPreference is secondary

We have a backend API app in Google Cloud using all the Kubernetes goodness. For some reason, we don’t use a Google Cloud backed MongoDB service. Instead, we spin our own MongoDB replicaSet using one of the stable helm charts … Continue reading

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