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Angular 4.x – Add a 404 page

For a frontend application like Angular, the 404 page is served by the frontend application rather than the web server. To make this work, we should always return the index.html of our angular application for all applications, except for asset … Continue reading

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Angular 4.x and Beyond – Twitter Bootstrap Nav Bar Not Working in Mobile

Yesterday, I have deployed my personal site into production which is built with Angular 4.x using an old template (Twitter Bootstrap 2.x). I just recently noticed that the navigation menu is not expanding when viewed in smaller screens. It is … Continue reading

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Angular 4.x – Integrate a jQuery Plugin

I’m using a very old twitter bootstrap template which is using jQuery Colorbox plugin to handle image preview modal like lightbox did. It took me more or less 4 hours to figure it out given I’m fairly new to Angular … Continue reading

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Rails – Encrypting Database Columns with Key Rotation

Encryption is not an easy task. You have to manage the encryption itself, key rotation and securing the keys. In this post, I’ll describe how we managed to encrypt our database columns and enable key rotation as well. This post … Continue reading

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For the past few days, I’m trying to replicate a setup in AWS where the database server access is secured in a private subnet while the web server is located in a public subnet. The documentation is pretty straightforward for … Continue reading

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1Password button not working on Firefox

It’s been 2 weeks now my 1Password extension is not working on Firefox. The button is not clickable even after upgrading to the latest Firefox version. After asking help from 1Password on Twitter, it turns out that the fix is … Continue reading

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Rails 5 – API Only – Enable Cookies and Sessions

So you’ve been trying a lot of trial and errors just to enable cookie based session on a API only rails app? Are you trying to customize the cookie expiration but it simply defaulting to default session only cookies? The … Continue reading

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Carrierwave AWS – copying files from one model to another

We have already a working code for copying Carrierwave files from one model to another, however, it is only working for file based storage. For Amazon S3 storage, it is quite not working. Here is our old code: Every time … Continue reading

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Re: Backup Internet

Being a web developer who works at home, would you believe that I survived working for more than one year with just one internet connection? It was just fine until issues arise from my main internet provider. Today, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Rails 5 – Self Join belongs_to – entity must exist error

Wow, this is my first post for Ruby on Rails and Ruby in general! So what I’m trying to do is very simple: create a self join relationship for the user table like a parent/child relationship. However, Rails always complains … Continue reading

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