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Vagrant – CSS and JS broken when using shared folder

I have this problem with my CSS files getting broken encoding every time I make modifications on it on the shared folder in my host, where the shared folder is directly served by the VM’s HTTPD server (Apache). A quick … Continue reading

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White-listing IP addresses for your Apache virtual hosts

I tried setting up some sites on public hosting company where I needed to set it up in a way where only specified IP addresses are allowed to access them. Below is what I did. Basic config Below is the … Continue reading

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Setting PHP Settings Via Apache Config

The problem I encountered was simple, the code base is written for PHP 5.1.6 and my environment is already at PHP 5.3.10. There are also differences on my PHP settings such as strict warnings and the like. One of my … Continue reading

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DC Poor Cron – A Cron Without Cron

Since I’m just hosting my site and this blog on a free host – thanks to ByetHost for this; I don’t have the cron functionality. After several days of iterations, I have not come up with this cronless cron and … Continue reading

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Various URL Rewrites – PHP and Apache

URL rewriting is usually done to route request to a single application entry point such as index.php. Of course, it is also used to create human and bot friendly URLs. This type of URL rewriting comes in different flavor for … Continue reading

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PHP Page Caching – Serving Static Files

Just yesterday I have updated my app to cache pages and serve as static files until updates arrive. It took me almost several hours to finalized and now it is working quite well. Using Kohana v3, it saves a page … Continue reading

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Alternative to file_get_contents() – Kohana v3

Few days ago, I have published the web application FF2FB – an app that will import your Friendfeed feeds and likes to Facebook. Although it is far from completion, I have managed to add minor features like importing feeds from … Continue reading

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PHP and Windows Networking

Have you been annoyed when sometimes, you are asked to enter a username and password when accessing a network resource in a Windows network? It even asks password even when that machine does not set password for all of its … Continue reading

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Executing PHP Script Via CRON and CURL

CRON is a crucial component of a Web Server. It is where you run your scheduled tasks such as notifications, mass mailing, backup and stuff like that. I really thought it was just easy but when I have to setup … Continue reading

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Run Apache as Local User – Windows XP

Problem You are creating an application that sends data or shall we say prints data to a shared printer over the network. On an regular setup, Apache runs as a service by the System User which does not have network … Continue reading

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