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Sample Bash Scripting

Sometimes, repeating tasks are annoying especially if the process takes time. This is what happens with my current routine. My supervisor wants to see the immediate changes into our staging server, but my local repository is four steps away from … Continue reading

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Whacking File Permissions After Deploying

Lately I’ve been fixing permission problems every time I update a working copy to the live server from a GIT repository. Permissions are set according to the settings in my Windows machine which has execute permission to all files. It … Continue reading

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Enable APC on PHP CLI

I have posted hours ago about creating cron job for php scripts via cron. Of course it was just the last resort since there are things that don’t work on regular PHP CLI scripts. After some research and after asking … Continue reading

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A Simple MySQL Backup Script

It was time to deploy the project into the production server. Almost everything is complete. The pages are running smoothly, the scheduler for current weather forecast and the database is fully optimized. One lacking is the daily database backup. I … Continue reading

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