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Finally found a task scheduler/cron for Rails

I have been working with a cron-like task scheduler in the past and among the very few options, we choose crono. It works because it allows us to run tasks at 10-second interval and as well as the regular daily/hourly/weekly … Continue reading

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DC Poor Cron – A Cron Without Cron

Since I’m just hosting my site and this blog on a free host – thanks to ByetHost for this; I don’t have the cron functionality. After several days of iterations, I have not come up with this cronless cron and … Continue reading

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Executing PHP Script Via CRON and CURL

CRON is a crucial component of a Web Server. It is where you run your scheduled tasks such as notifications, mass mailing, backup and stuff like that. I really thought it was just easy but when I have to setup … Continue reading

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