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Fast internet connection but very slow hostname resolution

I’m using PLDT’s HomeBro Ultera basic plan and that’s 3 megabits per second. That is fast enough for most of us. However, this last 2 or 3 months, I’m experiencing very poor browsing experience. Sites are loading show, but once … Continue reading

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SmartBro/MyBro – Cannot connect to internet via router

The scenario is either it was working perfectly before using the router or the SmartBro contractors successfully connected to the internet as direct connection but when you connect to the router, it doesn’t connect. The solution is quite simple. MAC … Continue reading

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The Proxy That SOCKS

A proxy could be either a necessity for an organization or a way to secure browsing or to bypass restrictions from firewalls and web filters. Whatever the use cases might be, the good thing is that there are simple ways … Continue reading

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Citrix on Slackware

In my company, we use Citrix for all our remote connections. Of course I have to use Slackware and after several attempts and hesitations, I finally installed and made my first Citrix connection from home to our company network. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Globe Tattoo on Slackware Linux

Recently, I got a Globe Tatto Prepaid kit. It immediately connects to the internet on my Windows XP box. However, I need to connect via Slackware Linux since most of my files are in Linux. After several searching and trial … Continue reading

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PHP and Windows Networking

Have you been annoyed when sometimes, you are asked to enter a username and password when accessing a network resource in a Windows network? It even asks password even when that machine does not set password for all of its … Continue reading

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Setting Up Two Internet Connections In One Network

We have two internet connections. The first is PLDT which has been established with a beautiful router (Linksys) and been used by our developer in Japan to connect to us (Philippines). The second is Globe which is much faster (bigger … Continue reading

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VBA MS Access Concurrent Connections

Last Monday, we visited our client at Makati to re-install our system – a system written in VBA in MS Access. We have re-formatted all their PC and setup the fresh network. After all PCs are up and running we … Continue reading

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Windows Networking – Computer Names Not Accessible

It happens long time ago, perhaps, November last year 2008. Networked Windows computers are not accessible by its computer name (hostname). We can only ping and access them via IP address. Is it a bug on Windows? I have found … Continue reading

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