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PHP Recursion – Cellphone Number Combination

Few days ago, a friend ask help for an obviously recursive problem. The problem was to give all letter combination for every given number in a typical cellphone number. Given a very limited time at work, I manage to solve … Continue reading

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Showing Date Span – PHP and JavaScript Version

It is common to see date/time span in feeds and on most social networking sites. If you don’t get it, it is the line that says “An hour ago”, or “Yesterday”, or “21 minutes ago” sort of for human friendly … Continue reading

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Various URL Rewrites – PHP and Apache

URL rewriting is usually done to route request to a single application entry point such as index.php. Of course, it is also used to create human and bot friendly URLs. This type of URL rewriting comes in different flavor for … Continue reading

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PHP Quick Tips – Fruit of Framework Hopping

Zend Framework and Kohana v3 – they were my favorite PHP frameworks and I’ve learn a lot from them, especially from Kohana v3. I have gathered some nice tricks that I never knew until I discovered them on these frameworks. … Continue reading

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Zend Server Community Edition

Matching Correct Version From the stable version PHP 5.2.6, I decided to play around with the latest versions of PHP, Apache and MySQL. Some PECL components such as APC and Printer are taken into considerations since one of our project … Continue reading

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SwiftMailer on Zend Framework

This topic has been in my todo list for 3 months already so it’s time to add another great information to our knowledge base. To provide our mailing functionality, I choose SwiftMailer over Zend_Mail. I have integrated SwiftMailer into our … Continue reading

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PHP and Windows Networking

Have you been annoyed when sometimes, you are asked to enter a username and password when accessing a network resource in a Windows network? It even asks password even when that machine does not set password for all of its … Continue reading

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Enable APC on PHP CLI

I have posted hours ago about creating cron job for php scripts via cron. Of course it was just the last resort since there are things that don’t work on regular PHP CLI scripts. After some research and after asking … Continue reading

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PHP – Writing to Excel File via PEAR on Zend Framework

Two weeks ago, I was developing a web based application that saves data into an Excel file. It will create a new Excel file, add header rows in bold text, sets the column width and saves the data beneath the … Continue reading

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PHP – Download File with IE Support

Consider this simple file download in PHP. This is expected to work in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. It works great in Firefox! However, it does not work in IE6 and IE7. I haven’t tested IE8 since I don’t have one. … Continue reading

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