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Barcode Printing via PHP

The Project For the past two weeks, I’m very busy developing a web based application using both barcode scanner and barcode printer. It was a lot of fun and excitement. I really love this job. The project is about an … Continue reading

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Maintaining A Website Written In Smarty

Ugly Code Currently, I’m assigned to maintain a website that was written in PHP several years ago with PostgreSQL as its database. It was originally written in mixed up PHP and HTML (not even XHTML). Good thing is that my … Continue reading

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Disable Caching on Specific Image

During the development of a comic ranking module, I was able to do Add, Edit, Delete, List and even sorting the ranks by moving an item up or down. Almost everything is working in Firefox. However, when I tested it … Continue reading

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Importing Huge CSV File to MySQL via PHP

Yes there are several techniques to import CSV to MySQL. I have encountered this task several times already the those previous experiences worked out seamlessly, but this one is a bit complicated and requires a lot of effort in order … Continue reading

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PHP: Can’t Include Files When Owner Is Root

It seems like I’ve been to busy with Linux stuff and server administration this week. After solving the first problem I once again encountered another big problem: PHP can’t include PEAR libraries. Working on PEAR The project was using PEAR … Continue reading

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