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AppEngine – Python – Caches Object Values

[UPDATE]: Solved this problem, explanation at the bottom. So I have this semi-MVC AppEngine for Python setup where I setup different CSS/JS files per page. The problem is that AppEngine caches object values causing values to stack. Example, if I … Continue reading

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Sum First column of a File – Python Script

I keep on summarizing error logs and one of the task is to sum up all occurrences of all errors/warnings/notices etc on the hourly error log sent via email. Instead of adding them one by one, I’ve created a small … Continue reading

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Unit Testing with Python and Google App Engine

It came to the point where developing my soon to be web service become too difficult since I have to write test codes on my request handlers. I finally made my way to Python Unit testing using the unittest module. … Continue reading

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Python Excercises – HTTP, Cookie and Dictionaries

Few days ago, I created a simple Python script. This serves as my Python exercise as I’ve been studying Python for over a year. This script tests site’s Multi-Variant tests or A/B tests to check if the traffic split is … Continue reading

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Installing Google App Engine Python SDK in Slackware

Currently, Slackware 13.37 RC2 has Python 2.6.6 and Google’s App Engine SDK for Python requires Python 2.5.x. After several days of contemplation, I decided to give it a try and installed Python 2.5.5 in parallel with Slackware’s stock Python. Multiple … Continue reading

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