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Finally found a task scheduler/cron for Rails

I have been working with a cron-like task scheduler in the past and among the very few options, we choose crono. It works because it allows us to run tasks at 10-second interval and as well as the regular daily/hourly/weekly … Continue reading

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Rails – Healthy Migration Habbits – a repost

We are using a gem that encrypts database table columns. So far, it is working as intended, however, we encountered several issues where a column or a model attribute is missing, or simply not working. It turns out that we … Continue reading

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Rails – Encrypting Database Columns with Key Rotation

Encryption is not an easy task. You have to manage the encryption itself, key rotation and securing the keys. In this post, I’ll describe how we managed to encrypt our database columns and enable key rotation as well. This post … Continue reading

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