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Bash basic error handling

Just like your daily programming language, bash can handle errors as well. Handling errors or detecting them and handle them once detected is important when developing a bash script. There are some technique used by bash experts but I found … Continue reading

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SVN – Creating and applying patch

I have found a good article about creating and applying SVN patch and it worked well on my workflow. It is useful when current branch or current uncommitted changes are to be kept safe somewhere and apply the changes once … Continue reading

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Trunk Spy – Monitors your SVN trunk for changes

At work, my lead asks the folks that manages the SVN repos to have a feature that notifies us every time somebody commits on trunk. They were not able to produce that feature nor find a plugin that does, therefore, … Continue reading

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Sample Bash Scripting

Sometimes, repeating tasks are annoying especially if the process takes time. This is what happens with my current routine. My supervisor wants to see the immediate changes into our staging server, but my local repository is four steps away from … Continue reading

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SVN – List Modified Files Between Revisions

Few months ago, I took note about how to list modified files between revisions in GIT. Just today, I needed an SVN version for that and it just took me a few seconds to find it on the net, thanks … Continue reading

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SVN Ignore Files or Directory

This is a small command that will ignore some files or directory in SVN. Ignoring files is useful when there are files that are not actually needed by your project but it just get in there like temporary files, cache … Continue reading

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