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PHPUnit – Passing Environment Variable To Your Application

I’m using environment variables for my configurations so that it will be easy to switch from development to production or to testing mode without changing any codes. As far as I’m using Zend Framework with the tip that I used … Continue reading

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Kohana Unit Testing – Finally

I’ve written about using PHPUnit in Kohana in the past. However, there is now an official Unit Testing module for Kohana v3 (uses PHPUnit). From the previous hacks, I changed it now to be compliant with the official unit testing … Continue reading

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Unit Testing Kohana v3 – PHPUnit

Like Zend Framework, I also created unit testing for Kohana v3 based projects. It is done seamlessly with PHPUnit of course. The following are the simple steps I’ve done to setup a PHPUnit test environment for Kohana v3. UPDATE: I … Continue reading

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PHPUnit with Zend Framework – Unit Testing

Before, I used SimpleTest for unit testing. However, given the more advanced PHP 5.xx features and coding standards, I completely switch to PHPUnit. Moreover, PHPUnit’s coding convention is similar to Zend Framework and PEAR. Directory Structure Since PHPUnit is already … Continue reading

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