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Static Files on OpenShift and WordPress

This blog just recently moved from PagodaBox to OpenShift due to some server issues. With a new infrastructure, there were changes in my WordPress installation where most of my static files stopped working. Reading the incomplete documentation didn’t help but … Continue reading

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W3 Total Cache – Not For The Masses

I was trying out W3 Total Cache, a really good performance plugin for WordPress for few days but finally gave up and reverted back to WP Super Cache after an increased average response time. It was fast enough before For … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.2 on Pagodabox

After migrating my portfolio site to Pagodabox, I migrated my WordPress blog next. It was a tough job since I have 3 years worth of posts on it and it is a pain to migrate all those files, configurations, plugins, … Continue reading

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WordPress NoCaptcha Captcha Plugin

Having problems with spam but don’t want to distract users with hard to read captcha? Afraid of false positives brought by Akismet? Afraid of losing possibly valid comment? This WordPress plugin is for you. The basics WP NoCaptcha Plugin uses … Continue reading

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Customized Twenty Ten Theme Using BlueTrip

Since WordPress 3.0, the Twenty Ten WordPress theme becomes the default theme. When I moved to a new domain and started from scratched, I used this theme as my default theme as to kick-start the blog the developed a custom … Continue reading

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Integrating Google Search on WordPress Blog

Lately, I have setup a custom Google search feature for my blog to give better result and to free my database from heavy search. Setting it up takes just a few minutes after following the steps from doshdosh blog. There … Continue reading

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Changing URL – WordPress and Moving to a new domain

If you have a blog that is up for few years already and suddenly you decided to move to a new domain / url, you end up changing all the link from config, to post contents and to comments. Using … Continue reading

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Update CSS On A Heavily Cached WordPress Blog

So you are running a WordPress Blog huh? And yes you are optimizing your static files by caching it by setting a very far future expiration date. But that is not the story here. What Is Wrong With My Cache? … Continue reading

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Finally Removed My WordPress Widget Cache

Although it was good: performance was so good, but I have to give up this WordPress plugin – The WordPress Widget Cache. They said it works well when combined with WordPress Super Cache, however, after several weeks of experimentation, it … Continue reading

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WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plus Bugs Me Up

Everytime I post a blog, with some codes like PHP or CSS, WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plus plugin makes it difficult for the blog to edit. When I want to edit a post with sourcecodes, it displays the original code as … Continue reading

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