My Journey To Stock Market Begins

Few years ago, I always dream of having a retirement strategy through stock market investments but either I have no extra money to fund my investments or I have difficulty signing up for an online broker. Now that I’m already … Continue reading

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Using Angular-CLI with Yarn

Recently, I have switched from npm to yarn, however, it seems that my Angular CLI still uses npm. To configure Angular CLI to use yarn globally, just run this: For Angular 6 and above: For below Angular 6: This is … Continue reading

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Angular 6 Now Available

I got a very short window of opportunity to update my dead projects to the latest NodeJS and Angular and I just checked that Angular 6 is now available. My portfolio site, which was built on Angular 4.4 has been … Continue reading

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ExpressJS – Serve a Google Verification Page

My portfolio website is using Angular served by ExpressJS. For more than six months, I forgot to check my Google Webmaster tool and it shows that I don’t own the site anymore. What a shame! I have to verify the … Continue reading

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RubyMine 2018 theme is too flat, how to bring back the old theme?

So if you just installed the latest RubyMine for 2018 and installed the Material UI plugin, the whole RubyMine interface will use the Material design for the UI which means, everything is flat. If you don’t like it and prefer … Continue reading

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Cannot Edit SOA for SSN PRN?

Have you tried using SSS PRN PRN (Payment Reference Number) utility but unable to edit it for the current period? Did you get the “Web page blocked” error when trying to edit your SOA (Statement of Account) to change the … Continue reading

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Inserting page breaks for printing or PDF via HTML

So we have a web invoice which is also converted into PDF. When line items section becomes too tall (so many items), the generated PDF from HTML (via wkhtmltopdf) breaks some of the lines in the summary section and is … Continue reading

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HTML to PDF – Using custom web fonts

We currently have a working HTML to PDF converter in our project usually used to generate PDF invoices. However, a new requirement requires using a font not usually found on the stock fonts. At this point, I realized that our … Continue reading

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MySQL 5.7+ STRICT mode

If you have a project that is so old and so broken but you have to maintain anyway, but you are developing locally using MySQL 5.7+, just run this on your MySQL console to remind yourself how poorly coded your … Continue reading

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AWS Lambda with API Gateway Integration

In this post, I will go through the process of using an AWS Lambda function served via AWS API Gateway HTTPS endpoint. My existing NodeJS API performs one task and is not called too often which is a perfect candidate … Continue reading

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