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1Password button not working on Firefox

It’s been 2 weeks now my 1Password extension is not working on Firefox. The button is not clickable even after upgrading to the latest Firefox version. After asking help from 1Password on Twitter, it turns out that the fix is … Continue reading

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Slackware Current Update – Xorg and 3D stuff are working in my old laptop

Yesterday, there was a huge update in Slackware current regarding Xorg packages and its components. It took me an overnight download to sync the Slackware current tree in my machine and applied updates in the morning. Great results so far. … Continue reading

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Citrix on Slackware

In my company, we use Citrix for all our remote connections. Of course I have to use Slackware and after several attempts and hesitations, I finally installed and made my first Citrix connection from home to our company network. UPDATE: … Continue reading

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Google Chrome Has Inspect Element

I’m experiencing a very slow performance on Firefox the past few weeks, maybe because of the plugins. One of the plugin I used in Firefox is Firebug which can inspect element live. To make me more productive, I temporarily switched … Continue reading

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CSS and the browser war

Internet explorer is really a big problem when it comes to CSS styling especially when it comes to complex designs and complex forms where there are many elements invloved. Currently, I’m testing only with these popular browsers: Internet Explorer 6, … Continue reading

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