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Slackware 14.0 – the May 20-22 2013 update – broke my Intel Graphics

Three days ago, I’ve updated my Slackware 14.0 (32 bit) due to kernel update security advisory. However, after a reboot, my box freezes up few minutes after logging in into the desktop. I searched around and ask in the forum … Continue reading

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Being Hit By Slackware Current

I use Slackware current at home (2 machines) and also at work. While I have all the luxury of updating to the latest and the greatest software at home (except kernel driver for old laptop) I don’t have such privilege … Continue reading

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Linux Kernel Pain and Gain – Slackware Linux

Last year, I have installed Slackware Linux 13.0 on may laptop. It aims for a rock solid and stable development machine – especially for web development. However, I could not resist to follow what the Slackware community is doing, update … Continue reading

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