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A is for awk, which runs like a snail, and B is for biff, which reads all your mail. C is for cc, as hackers recall, while D is for dd, the command that does all. E is for emacs, … Continue reading

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Linux Kernel Pain and Gain – Slackware Linux

Last year, I have installed Slackware Linux 13.0 on may laptop. It aims for a rock solid and stable development machine – especially for web development. However, I could not resist to follow what the Slackware community is doing, update … Continue reading

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Slackware Current – After a long wait

The last update for the slackware-current branch was last Jan 31, 2010. After a month of waiting, slackware-current has been updated with bunch of new updates which was the longest in history as far as the ChangeLog.txt entry is concerned. … Continue reading

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FTP with Recursive Download (Directory Download)

My office mate was copying files from server A to server B. To do that, he needs to download the files which is approximately 500MB to his dev machine and upload to server B. To help him, I suggest downloading … Continue reading

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Reviewing Linux Commands

The installation of Postgres was successful! Shame on me. 🙂 Now let’s review our old linux commands used: tar -zvxf filename.tar.gz – this is used to extract tar.gz files on linux gunzip – to extract gz files finger – (do … Continue reading

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Installing Postgres on CentOS via SSH

We got stuck here when we are trying to run a Postgres server in our rental server.  After getting the login information of the SSH connection and the root password, I immediately downloads the Postgres 8.3.5 for linux (the source) … Continue reading

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The way I discovered PHP

I was a VB programmer for 3 years. That was almost two years ago. My obsession was on OpenSource softwares. My first open source software used was SuSE Linux Live Eval 9.1. Then eventually, I installed the SuSE Linux Personal … Continue reading

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