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Setting up nginx + php-fpm on Slackware 14.0

For Slackware 14.0, it is now easy to setup an nginx webserver with PHP support via php-fpm. If you do a full install with Slackware 14.0, you can get PHP 5.4.x and php-fpm as this packages are shipped by stock … Continue reading

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PHP Recursion – Cellphone Number Combination

Few days ago, a friend ask help for an obviously recursive problem. The problem was to give all letter combination for every given number in a typical cellphone number. Given a very limited time at work, I manage to solve … Continue reading

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Disable Caching on Specific Image

During the development of a comic ranking module, I was able to do Add, Edit, Delete, List and even sorting the ranks by moving an item up or down. Almost everything is working in Firefox. However, when I tested it … Continue reading

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Importing Huge CSV File to MySQL via PHP

Yes there are several techniques to import CSV to MySQL. I have encountered this task several times already the those previous experiences worked out seamlessly, but this one is a bit complicated and requires a lot of effort in order … Continue reading

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Zend Framework: Redirection

Just a small tips, for sometimes we will forget some simple codes. I wrote this post for my future reference, just like the rest of the codes. To redirect in Zend Framework, ex: from from action to another, like from … Continue reading

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PHP MSSQL varchar / nvarchar Limitation

PHP and MSSQL database API has some major issues. One of them is the very outdated PHP MSSQL driver. Because of this, one of the problem with MSSQL integration into PHP are long varchar / nvarchar fields. If you have … Continue reading

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Printing a page without showing it

We can actually print a page without showing it. For example you have a form which has a print button, and when the print button is clicked, it will print the form in another format, say multi-page report or you … Continue reading

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The way I discovered PHP

I was a VB programmer for 3 years. That was almost two years ago. My obsession was on OpenSource softwares. My first open source software used was SuSE Linux Live Eval 9.1. Then eventually, I installed the SuSE Linux Personal … Continue reading

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