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Docker – AWS S3 PHP Uploads – [curl] 6: Could not resolve host – DNS issues

Last night when I was trying to upload a new profile pic in our app, S3 uploads suddenly stopped working. Other S3 API methods are working fine except for the upload or PUT method. I have done many changes on … Continue reading

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Boto – set content type and other headers upon upload

I always though that you can set the Amason S3’s response headers when using boto’s generate_url API. I was wrong. We can only set those things upon upload, perhaps the docs I am reading is outdated or I’m reading it … Continue reading

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Amazon S3 – boto – SSL error when serving image in HTTPS

Want to serve your secured/signed images or files in HTTPS where your files are served by Amazon S3? Getting SSL errors instead? I was about to ask same question in StackOverflow but suddenly I remembered oDesk is serving attachments via … Continue reading

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