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REPOST – Speed up GIT via ssh with a simple config change

This is a repost of the awesome post from interrobeng.com where he was able to speed up GIT pull from Singapore EC2 against Github from 5~ seconds to 1~ second or so for the basic configuration and even less than … Continue reading

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Copying files from remote server via scp

I have done copying files and even directories from remote servers before. However, this time it is more secure and password is not visible on the command line. Moreover, the file transfer goes through secure medium SSH. Nothing fancy, this … Continue reading

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Using screen – Linux

This screen command in linux is best explained here. However, what I really wanted to do is to have a command running even after disconnecting from a remote server via SSH. In its simplest sense, it allows you to create … Continue reading

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FTP with Recursive Download (Directory Download)

My office mate was copying files from server A to server B. To do that, he needs to download the files which is approximately 500MB to his dev machine and upload to server B. To help him, I suggest downloading … Continue reading

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Setting PostgreSQL Authentication Method to MD5

Once again, we acquired another rental server with pre-installed postgreSQL. I have created a superuser immediately by invoking these commands: However, our supervisor has created a password for some reason to postgres username. After several tries, I can’t login to … Continue reading

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Installing Postgres on CentOS via SSH

We got stuck here when we are trying to run a Postgres server in our rental server.  After getting the login information of the SSH connection and the root password, I immediately downloads the Postgres 8.3.5 for linux (the source) … Continue reading

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