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Django – creating timezone aware datetime objects

After developing some codes for few hours, when I finally tried to test it, I am greeted with this timezone related error. After reviewing Django docs, it is clearly stated that it has full support for timezones and that it … Continue reading

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PHP – Setting and Getting Timestamp from DateTime Object below PHP 5.3.x

So we solved the timezone problem using PHP’s timezone aware DateTime class right? And you love working on UNIX timestamp/UTC but as to your surprise, you cannot set or get timestamp to a DateTime object on version below PHP 5.3.x. … Continue reading

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Re-writing lysender.com – a Google AppEngine Python adventure

My portfolio site is definitely a very small site with almost no visitors at all. Written in Kohana and was previously hosted in Pagodabox, I’ve migrated it to Google AppEngine for Python 2.7. It was fun and frustrating at the … Continue reading

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Bug Fix on World Clock Widgets

A month ago, I have posted about my World Clock widgets. However, I have found out that there is a bug on the implementation especially on the cookie part where the timezone and offset information is saved into a cookie. … Continue reading

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Yet Another World Clock

I finally completed my so called “World Clock”. The idea was to be able to create a widget to display a clock for different timezones. I used the combination of JavaScript and PHP to achieve the accurate date/time conversion especially … Continue reading

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