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Unit Testing with Python and Google App Engine

It came to the point where developing my soon to be web service become too difficult since I have to write test codes on my request handlers. I finally made my way to Python Unit testing using the unittest module. … Continue reading

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Kohana 3.1 Migration – Unit Testing

Kohana Unittest module has no major changes on how to set it up, however, because of the 3.1 update, bootstrapping the unit tests for PHPUnit has changed a bit (just a bit). Based on my old post, here is how … Continue reading

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Kohana Unit Testing – Finally

I’ve written about using PHPUnit in Kohana in the past. However, there is now an official Unit Testing module for Kohana v3 (uses PHPUnit). From the previous hacks, I changed it now to be compliant with the official unit testing … Continue reading

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Unit Testing Kohana v3 – PHPUnit

Like Zend Framework, I also created unit testing for Kohana v3 based projects. It is done seamlessly with PHPUnit of course. The following are the simple steps I’ve done to setup a PHPUnit test environment for Kohana v3. UPDATE: I … Continue reading

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PHPUnit with Zend Framework – Unit Testing

Before, I used SimpleTest for unit testing. However, given the more advanced PHP 5.xx features and coding standards, I completely switch to PHPUnit. Moreover, PHPUnit’s coding convention is similar to Zend Framework and PEAR. Directory Structure Since PHPUnit is already … Continue reading

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