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Using Symfony Validators outside the Symfony Framework

While we are quite doing fine with our current framework, we are stuck in terms of data validation especially when validation is done deep inside several layers of model classes. I’ve been thinking of either using Zend Validate classes (ZF2) … Continue reading

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Validatish – a Python validation library

I was looking for a good validation library in Python and then I found validatish. As usual, it uses exceptions every time it encounters an error. I like its simplicity and ease of use. Below is how I used it … Continue reading

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Kohana 3.1 Validation Adventures

Just today, I have setup Kohana unittest module for CLI and decided to dive into the validation class and look for hints for the migration. Because I was not that busy, I played the Kohana_Validation class with unit tests and … Continue reading

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Regex Newbie – First Lesson

Just a quick post before I leave. During the holiday season, I managed to study some regular expression and come up with few lessons learned. A good start for a regex newbie like me. Creating code name from text I’m … Continue reading

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Zend Date Validations Don’t Work After Upgrading to 1.7

We have developed our ongoing application in Zend Framework 1.6.0 and later upgrade it to 1.6.2. After 2 months, Zend released their version 1.7. With no hesitation, I upgraded our application. However, the date validation didn’t work anymore. Here is … Continue reading

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