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Vagrant up failed with some weird errors

During my first week of setting up vagrant, got this weird error when running vagrant up. After some research on the internet, it turns out that the issue is caused by my VirtualBox version. Downgrading seems to be the best … Continue reading

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Being Hit By Slackware Current

I use Slackware current at home (2 machines) and also at work. While I have all the luxury of updating to the latest and the greatest software at home (except kernel driver for old laptop) I don’t have such privilege … Continue reading

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VirtualBox Shared Folder – Slackware Guest and Windows Host

I really forgot the details on how I manage to mount shared folders on VirtualBox within Slackware guest. However, my only concern is that normal users don’t have permission to access the shared folder – only root. Backgrounder In work, … Continue reading

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Slackware Linux and VirtualBox

As a web developer, I always need to test the application using different browsers like IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari and Chrome. Since I’m using Slackware 13.0 at home, I cannot test using the three different versions … Continue reading

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