Pag-IBIG contributions – paying through payment centers?

Few days ago, I was thinking of paying my Pag-IBIG monthly contributions via third party payment centers. However, I’m hesitant to try. Today, I made up my mind and went to Pag-IBIG office to pay and at the same time, to inquire if payment through payment centers is possible.

So it seems that this is not my last time to pay here in my Pag-IBIG local branch. According to the cashier, I can pay through payment centers but she said it is not immediately posted to my account. I have to collect all the receipts and present to their office so that it would reflect to my records.

I have just spent almost 3 hours (commute + payment transaction) and I don’t want to spend this much time every month. I’ll see if I can pay quarterly instead. However, I’m also looking for another alternative payment methods without the hassle of submitting documents.

No, I don’t enjoy but you can share! :D

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Pag-IBIG – Homebased – Change status from employed to individual payor

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PHPStorm SFTP to a Linux machine

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Installing KeePass on Slackware Linux

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Fast internet connection but very slow hostname resolution

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Homebased – PhilHealth – change status from employed to voluntary

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Nginx – cannot upload regular sized files – permission denied

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Google Chrome 41 SlackBuild script error

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Docker on Slackware Linux on a VPS

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Slackware – Add Swap After Installation

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