Docker on Slackware Linux on a VPS

It has been a week since I have been poking around Docker in my laptop (Slackware VM) and in my Slackware VPS. It works well in my laptop but not in VPS. It turns out that a simple reboot of the VPS is needed to fix those errors.


The installed version was 1.4.1. I used this tutorial of Tutum Cloud Docker LAMP. In my Linode VPS running Slackware 14.1, at first it didn’t install well. Technically speaking, it didn’t compile well.

It says it got errors on btrfs or something I cannot understand so I leave the issue alone. I get back on it today and tried pulling Slackware updates via slackpkg and found out that there are updates for btrfs-progs and realized that it might be the reason why my Docker compile does not work.

Tried to install docker via sbopkg and it went through. Good!

Docker Errors

Continuing the tutorial above, I got errors when building a docker image that says permission denied on some weird filesystem. Checking the internet, it says about mounting problems and stuff. Then I remembered that I read somewhere that a reboot is required for Docker to work. So I did reboot the VPS.

Finally, it works now. I can experiment more stuff with Docker this time.

Remember, just reboot it!

Reboot and share!

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