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Finally Removed My WordPress Widget Cache

Although it was good: performance was so good, but I have to give up this WordPress plugin – The WordPress Widget Cache. They said it works well when combined with WordPress Super Cache, however, after several weeks of experimentation, it was no good to me.


The problem was that my RSS feeds (subscriptions to Smashing Magazine and Jhoy Imperial’s Blog) did not get updated.

I already have the WordPress Super Cache installed so I will just make use of it. It is also doing very well.

5 thoughts on “Finally Removed My WordPress Widget Cache”

  1. i haven’t tried using any cache widget with wordpress yet… hope your new tool would work this time 🙂

  2. I have noticed that my RSS feeds are still not updated, but after I login and logs out, it gets updated. Hmmm….

    Anyway, it is working now. The only problem is that I’m still on SEO recovery state. 🙂

  3. oh well, at least you trapped the error this early. we had a problem before and it was too late to recover

  4. Pare, you have to set the cache expiration setting in the widgets mismo. It works fine with my widgets.

  5. @Ron: Yes it works fine with other widgets such as categories, recent posts, recent comments, etc.

    But the only problem is that feeds from Smashing Magazine and Jhoy’s blog are always cached as if they were cached forever. Maybe they conflicts with my Super Cache plugin.

    However, if my WordPress Super Cache caches the whole page, then I can conclude that it is enough already for my low bandwidth. 😀

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