Proper Food Combining

I have found this information at Filipinas Herald newspaper by Johnny Midnight on his article titled: Proper Food Combining last March 17, 2009 issue page 5. Wow, that as a complete detail!


It says that we should only eat one concentrated food at a time. By eating more than one concentrated food, energy is wasted and our digestive system will have difficulty in digesting the food.

A concentrated food is anything that is not fruit or vegetable.

Therefore, eating rice with fish is not efficient than eating all rice or all fish! No, I can’t handle that kind of eating habit. Maybe I need to start practicing that habit someday, but as of now, I should limit my concentrated food intake and eat more fruits or vegetables.

I think everybody knows that, but the fact was that eating more than one concentrated food will just end up those food rotten inside our stomach, thus being waste.

No, I can’t live without rice!

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