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Domain is renewed

The domain has expired last Monday. Too bad, however I managed to renew it immediately. is a free domain so it is also free to renew it. The updates did not take effect immediately and it took almost 6 hours in my zone.

It will expire next year and perhaps, if it is still free, I can still renew it over and over again. So far, I have no issues with domain. It just works!

Problem is usually caused by my free hosting server (don’t have to mention it, anyway, it is stated on the footer of this site) which goes down from time to time.

I got a new laptop!

Yes, you heard it right. I’m just a poor boy that cannot afford to buy a computer for me. But as my career went good on with the IT industry, I was able to buy my own laptop after one year of hard work.

Is is not actually brand new. Here it is:


It is a NEO Endura 540SLE laptop whose CPU is upgraded to Intel Core Duo and memory upgraded to 1GB. Not but for a PHP developer like me. I will be using it mainly for developing web applications for my personal projects and if needed, for company projects.

We are moving soon…

We are moving to a new domain next year and of course a new web host. I need full control to my domain and the website itself and perhaps, avoid being offline. I have so many plans in the past that were not done because of the limitation of my hosting and my resources.

It will be a hard work migrating the files, modifying the database entries and other stuff. SEO would be a big problem which I would be very careful.

And a new web application is going to be developed under the new domain name. So good luck for me, yay!

See you next year.

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    Your comment is almost one month old in pending area 😀

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