Slackware Current – After a long wait

The last update for the slackware-current branch was last Jan 31, 2010. After a month of waiting, slackware-current has been updated with bunch of new updates which was the longest in history as far as the ChangeLog.txt entry is concerned.

In every updates, I immediately apply them on my machine. You can download the current tree on my favorite mirror:

The update was just simple:

  1. Switch as root
  2. Run slackpkg update
  3. Run slackpkg install-new
  4. Run slackpkg upgrade-all
  5. The remaining steps may vary, but at least a reboot is needed

However, there was an error I’ve encountered:

expr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I immediately terminated the upgrade process the look for the cause. However, I found out that I cannot run slackpkg, installpkg, upgradepkg and removepkg because of the same error. It is looking for I check /usr/lib and found that there are files with the same name but of lower version. The /usr/lib/ is symlinked to which is of lower version.

What I did as an immediate response is to symlink to and it works! Its dirty but it works anyway. I re-run the upgrade process and now I got the -current running on the virtual machine.

Slackware Current

People at the slackware forum has a better approach.

Enjoy Slackware!

UPDATE: After just one day, two consecutive updates were pushed to the mirrors first on 7PM of March 2, 2010 and the seconds is at 11 PM March 2, 2010. Here is the change log: ChangeLog.txt.

It fixes some issues for the large update that occurred a day ago. I have already tried the updates on my laptop and I’m going to post them later after a close look at it.

2 thoughts on “Slackware Current – After a long wait”

  1. @jojo

    Thats just fine, just a matter of trial and error. By the way, I did that on Virtual Machine to after realizing that there was a problem, I waited for the community’s approach before applying the updates to my laptop.

    It is fun playing with linux, but I will never break my box again just like I did before which disabled it for almost a week 😀

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