VirtualBox Shared Folder – Slackware Guest and Windows Host

I really forgot the details on how I manage to mount shared folders on VirtualBox within Slackware guest. However, my only concern is that normal users don’t have permission to access the shared folder – only root.


In work, I am using VirtualBox 4.x, Windows XP host and Slackware guest. VirtualBox Guest Additions are properly installed (not using the OSE version, instead, the full version). I have properly setup the shared folder and it is mounted properly at /media/sf_vm-shared. However, normal users don’t have permissions on it. I have to switch to root from time to time until I get tired and find ways.

Simple Solution

In VirtualBox 4.x, when Guest Additions are properly installed, shared folders are automatically mounted in /media/shared_folder_name. After few Google Kung-Fu, I found out that the user only needs to be a member of vboxsf group.

As root, we need to do this:

usermod -a -G vboxsf theusername

Restart, then the shared folder should be mounted and accessible to the user.

The real problem I got here is that error logs sent to emails cannot be extracted in Windows – GZ format. That’s why I need to transfer it to Linux and extract there. Got no permission to install anything in this Windows box.

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