VirtualBox Shared Folder – Slackware Guest and Windows Host

I really forgot the details on how I manage to mount shared folders on VirtualBox within Slackware guest. However, my only concern is that normal users don’t have permission to access the shared folder – only root.


In work, I am using VirtualBox 4.x, Windows XP host and Slackware guest. VirtualBox Guest Additions are properly installed (not using the OSE version, instead, the full version). I have properly setup the shared folder and it is mounted properly at /media/sf_vm-shared. However, normal users don’t have permissions on it. I have to switch to root from time to time until I get tired and find ways.

Simple Solution

In VirtualBox 4.x, when Guest Additions are properly installed, shared folders are automatically mounted in /media/shared_folder_name. After few Google Kung-Fu, I found out that the user only needs to be a member of vboxsf group.

As root, we need to do this:

usermod -a -G vboxsf theusername

Restart, then the shared folder should be mounted and accessible to the user.

The real problem I got here is that error logs sent to emails cannot be extracted in Windows – GZ format. That’s why I need to transfer it to Linux and extract there. Got no permission to install anything in this Windows box.

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  2. I have installed the slack build of Guest Additions and rebooted but still cant see teh shared folders under media with root log in .. Do we need to do anything else ?

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