Avoid hand stress – learning the Google Chrome shortcuts

Every time I hold my mouse with the right hand after several minutes I feel something is wrong with my fingers, palm and wrist. Most of the stressful tasks on a browser is switching tabs and scrolling down/up. Therefore, I need to learn some keyboard shortcuts to avoid holding the mouse so often.

I’ve found a good resource for keyboard shortcuts here: http://www.keyxl.com/aaa3447/416/Google-Chrome-keyboard-shortcuts.htm.

Therefore, for the common tasks I need, below are the basic shortcuts that I don’t even care using for so long that I never know it exists.

  • Open a new tab – CTRL + T (I actually know this)
  • Close the current tab – CTRL + W
  • Switch through tabs – CTRL + TAB, or CTRL + PgDn or CTRL + PgUp

That’s all I need since I do them most of the time spending on browsing or even in web development.

What’s yours?

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3 Responses to Avoid hand stress – learning the Google Chrome shortcuts

  1. Daniel R says:

    Depends where I’m at. Windows at home, Mac at work, and still having trouble not mixing up shortcuts in my head from these two OSs.

    Ctrl+T (tab forward), Ctrl+Shift+T (tab backward), Ctrl+1 (or 2, 3, 4) (switch to tabs 1 through 4), Alt+Tab (window forward), Alt+Shift+Tab (window backward), Windows+D (minimize all), Windows+R (run command), Ctrl+Shift+Escape (task manager, for when stuff freezes; Ctrl+Alt+Delete does this too but needs clicking through an extra menu first), Ctrl+Alt+Delete (from DOS/BIOS, restarts computer),

    Mac has some similarities, some differences. The weirdest is Ctrl+Tab, switch programs. Works like Alt+Tab in windows, but if the program is minimized, it will not restore it but keep it hidden. Unless you press Ctrl+Tab then Alt… then it shows the window. Freaky shortcut, awkward too, but you get used to it.

    Photoshop Shortcuts: Ctrl+T resize object, Ctrl+Shift+I inverse selection, Ctrl+Shift+O save for web (custom shortcut), V arrow, M select, W wand, Z zoom, P paint, T text, Ctrl+[ Ctrl+] change brush size, D reset colors, X swap colors, Spacebar+Click look around, Ctrl+Alt+Z undo, Ctrl+Shift+Z redo.

    All this saves me a lot of time clicking. 🙂 While I never used them to avoid hand stress (but that is a very nice plus) they’re perfect for dealing with tiny buttons and tabs. It interrupts my workflow when it takes 2 seconds to get my mouse over a tiny button (like Mac minimize) and click. I’d sooner Cmd/Alt+tab and everything just works.

    … And wow, it’s like I wrote a book chapter for a comment. Guess I’m passionate about shortcuts. 😛 But they save me a lot of time in my work (webmaster) and let my hand rest a bit.

  2. lysender says:

    Wow, thanks Daniel R. for sharing.

    Well, I only use 2 OS (Windows/Linux) and I found it amazing that those CTRL+PgDn/PgUp also works for Firefox.

    I should teach my wife about this.

  3. epal says:

    Because of the usage of the control key, I am now able to lift “heavy” things with my pinky. xD I’m also using vimium for more shortcuts.. 😀

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