Running same command on multiple terminals – Konsole

One time I was able to enter the Linux admins aquarium (a place where IT and Linux SysAds are contained with secure door stuff). I saw a SysAdmin do its thing, which is, to run a deployment on 6 servers. I saw him having 6 terminals open and run command on one of the terminal, that was then replicated to other terminals (6 terminals for 6 servers). Cool it is.

I forgot the term but I know what was it about. It is about padding the same input to multiple terminals, be it a key stroke or a command being typed in (well it is still keystroke anyway). He is using Ubuntu probably and I forgot the name of the terminal he is using.

Being a Slackware user and a Konsole user, I was able to find similar functionality. Follow the following steps:

  • Open Konsole tabs as many as you like.
  • Prepare the Konsole tabs for your specified setup, ex: open tabs for multiple ssh sessions.
  • On Konsole menu, click Edit -> Copy Input To -> Select Tabs.
  • On the list of tabs, check the tabs you want to include on synchronizing input.
  • Run command on the first tab and see the input being synchronized to other tabs.

Enjoy and share.

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2 Responses to Running same command on multiple terminals – Konsole

  1. Martin says:

    What about using clusterssh?

  2. gor says:

    Thanks Lysender! Very usefull.

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